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Brewery Selfie

While Finger Lakes Wine Country is renowned for its award-winning wines there are many breweries, cideries, and distilleries in the region worth bragging about. This is why we created the Finger Lakes Wine Country Breweries, Cideries, and Distilleries Guide. Did we mention the annual Finger Lakes Beer Festival and Boos and Brews events? October 28-29, 2022 over 40 featured New York State breweries, distilleries, and cideries will return to the garages at Watkins Glen International.


dog in Vineyard

In Finger Lakes Wine Country four-legged visitors are catered to as much as two-legged guests. This Dog-Friendly Finger Lakes Wine Country Itinerary introduces you to dog-friendly hotels, activities, wineries, and restaurants. It also allows you to take advantage of the stunning scenic hiking trails and outdoor areas that are dog friendly!

Your four-legged, furry friend loves to get out as much as you do. Grab that collar and leash, and take your pooch for some Finger Lakes Wine Country fun!

Waterfall Hole

Finger Lake Wine Country is known for more than just its award-winning wineries and farm-to-table lifestyle. We created this Finger Lakes Wine Country Waterfall Guide because the region has a reputation for being GORGE-ous and having over 50 waterfalls!

It can be such a letdown to arrive at a waterfall just to be underwhelmed by the lack of water. We created this Finger Lakes Wine Country Waterfall Guide to help you plan your waterfall visits while they’re gushing. From picturesque potholes to

Lakeside Summer

Wondering what to do as a non-drinker in Finger Lakes Wine Country? There are many reasons why you might be searching for wine-free activities in the area. The two most common are; you simply want to explore the region or you want to know which wineries have non-alcoholic options when you visit with friends who both are and aren’t partaking. We’ve created your guide for an unforgettable day amongst the vines sans vino.

Sweet Trails

ice cream cones

Finger Lakes Wine Country is famous for its wine and the

basket of porcini mushrooms

Veganism is more than a trend. It’s a way of life that as many as six percent of the US population has adopted. This vegan and sustainable three-day itinerary is full of vegan food and wine options along with ethical experiences.

From volunteering at an animal rescue farm to wine tasting at the vegan wineries in the region. There is something for everyone on this itinerary, especially nature-lovers. Shiitake mushroom hunting and birdwatching are just two of the unique ways to explore Finger

Women Supporting Women, credit Alexander Suhorucov, Pexels

In celebration of Women’s History Month, we want to remind you of and introduce you to female tastemakers, women-owned businesses, female chefs, and of course women making history in Finger Lakes Wine Country. Especially after you’ve learned about the female wine makers in the region.

The theme for International Women's Day 2022 was Break the Bias. The women featured are doing just that. Gender equality is a struggle on all fronts including farming, business, hospitality, art, education, and

spring blooms in the vineyards in Finger Lakes Wine Country

Spring in Finger Lakes Wine Country is one of the seasons most underrated by travelers looking for an escape. But this spring, like its autumn counterpart, is abuzz with movement. The vineyards are busily being groomed and pruned, gardens are spruced up and prepped for new growth, and visitors and wine-lovers start to get a sense of what newly released wines will be available to taste and take home. Off the vineyard, as the snow melts and we welcome warmer weather, there are many great


There are so many reasons why we love Finger Lakes Wine Country and even more reasons to visit. Here are 20 reasons you should put this perfect road trip destination at the top of your travel list this year.

  1. Finger Lakes Wine Country isn’t just an “upstate” destination. It is a state of mind. This is where you come to immerse yourself in nature, meet friendly and welcoming locals, relax, breathe, raise a glass, and repeat. Slow your pace and enjoy.
  1. It's the perfect road trip destination.

Winter Romance Couple

Since the 1300s lovers and friends have exchanged little and not-so-little nothings on February 14th in celebration of Valentine’s Day. Americans spent over $20 billion on Valentine's Day gifts in 2019 and were expected to spend a record-breaking $27.4 billion for 2020 according to the National Retail Foundation. But who needs jewelry or chocolate when you can create memories that last a lifetime?

We previously shared a great list of Romantic Gift Ideas in Finger Lakes Wine Country. From

Winter Vineyards

With the new year comes the inspiration to commit to more self-care and focus on our wellness. Luckily, Finger Lakes Wine Country offers many ways to treat yourself to an experience that can be as soothing to the mind and soul as it is to the heart and body.

Stay Inn


The Black Sheep Inn and Spa offers a relaxing stay located in the historic and postcard-inspiring small town of Hammondsport, NY. Experience British hospitality in this beautiful Bed and Breakfast and indulge in their 100% vegan,

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