In Finger Lakes Wine Country, we pride ourselves on our celebrated wines, brews, and spirits. We embrace our coveted farm-to-table lifestyle and culture. We honor our picturesque landscapes and nature-filled environments. 

Yet none of this is possible without the dedicated local entrepreneurs who work daily to elevate our region to its award-winning, ever-growing, globally-recognized status. 

We’re teachers by nature, but we’re casual about the whole idea of being connoisseurs.

We’ll point you to the trails less traveled, to the places where art and culture thrive, and where local live music is the soundtrack to breathtaking sunsets.

Finger Lakes Wine Country is home to the most welcoming, down-to-earth people you could hope to meet.

These are the Faces of Finger Lakes Wine Country.

Meaghan Frank - Faces of FLWC - high res

Meaghan Frank, Dr. Konstantin Frank Winery

Meaghan Frank is the Vice President and fourth generation at Dr. Konstantin Frank Winery.

Brian McKenzie - Faces of FLWC - high res

Brian McKenzie, Finger Lakes Distilling

Brian McKenzie is the owner and President of Finger Lakes Distilling, Finger Lakes Wine Country's first distillery.

Lyndsi Stoltzfus - Faces of FLWC - high res

Lyndsi Stoltzfus, Amity Coffee Co.

Lyndsi Stoltzfus is the owner of Amity Coffee Company in Penn Yan.

Shabnam Allwood - 641x519

Shabnam Allwood, Nooshe Joon Farm

Shabnam Allwood is the owner of Nooshe Joon Farm in Elmira, NY.

Julie & Ike Lovelass, 641x519

Julie & Ike Lovelass, Owego Kitchen

Julie and Ike Lovelass are local entrepreneurs and owners of the Owego Kitchen.