Corning’s Gaffer District is proud to announce the return of the 13th Annual Great Market Street Antiques, Collectibles & Vintage Sale to its historic downtown on Saturday, February 29, and Sunday, March 1. The sale is a once-a-year buying opportunity hosted by the entire Market Street antique & collectibles shops.

Customers will enjoy sales at four different, specialized businesses, which offer glass items, vintage furniture and clothing, rare books, collectible memorabilia, household antiques and much more. As well as great antique shopping, patrons of the sale will also enjoy special dining opportunities at restaurants and bars who have partnered with the antique merchants for the day.

Coleen Fabrizi, Executive Director of Corning's Gaffer District shared, "The excitement of the Great Market Street Antique Sale every February is fever pitch as hundreds of people spend the weekend looking for treasures and discovering the delicious and entertaining ways we have to #ExploreCorning all year long!" 

Participating businesses are found throughout the historic downtown and include Market Street Antiques & Collectibles, Carder Steuben Glass Shop, Stained Glass Works & Antiques of Corning and Twin Tiers Antiques Plaza.  "We hope you will join us for our annual Great Market Street Antiques Street Wide sale to celebrate the end of winter", said Patty Reilly of Market Street Antiques and Collectibles.  

For more information on the Great Market Street Antique, Collectible & Vintage Sale, please visit