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Wilderness Way Primitive Skills, Tracking, Nature Awareness School

  • 744 Glenmary Drive
    Owego, NY 13827
  • (607) 687-9186

Our past gives direction to our future. To the degree that we lose awareness and knowledge of our past, our heritage, we risk losing the Wisdom to choose daily the best path into the future, and thereby compromise our legacy to the generations to follow.

Wilderness Way School began in 1993 as part of the founder's vision to use his love and experience of living close to nature to bring others to an awareness of their true heritage, their eternal connection to the natural world, and role as caretakers of the Earth.

The ancient people looked upon Earth as their Mother, and like any mother she provided for all their physical needs. She was to them the physical manifestation of the Creator’s love. This Earth is still our provider. Yet in our modern fast-paced society it is easy to lose sight of this connection, and no longer show the respect that we should for this gift. Without an awareness of the interconnection of all things in creation we fail to grow in the wisdom needed to choose the best path into the future.

At the school we teach the skills that were used by the ancient peoples to provide for their daily needs. Through countless generations they acquired knowledge of these skills, along with a unique awareness of the balance between all things. This knowledge when forged with experience became Wisdom.

The Wilderness Way learning experience is a journey to wisdom for all types of students interested in primitive skills and wilderness living.

  • Here the outdoor enthusiast can independently learn and master skills for self-sufficiency in survival situations, while enjoying outdoor activities in a group environment.
  • The traditionalist can become immersed in the ancient arts and aboriginal life skills, retrieving knowledge that may be lost if itis not passed on to the next generation.
  • The environmentally-minded will find deep emphasis on restoring and respecting our world, since the survival of mankind depends on the survival of all things in nature that sustain life. 
  • From a philosophical perspective, there are many layers of history, spirituality, and sociology woven through all course subjects, that will deepen sensory awareness and expand thoughtful perception.
  • For the purist, each class is an interpretive adventure into how and why these skills are scientifically sound, and work the same today as they did through eons of history.

Earth Children of all ages benefit from this experiential approach to learning, as each class complements lecture time with hands-on projects. Come join us as we all learn together. 

The school owns and caretakes forty acres, comprised of woods, meadows, footpaths, a small lake, and stream that becomes one of the many classrooms for practicing the skills taught here.

Michael J. Head is the founder and chief instructor of Wilderness Way School. His training and practice at wilderness living and primitive skills began at a young age and has spanned nearly seven decades, and continues as a part of his lifestyle. Michael and the other instructors are dedicated to his vision, and make every effort to assure that the experience for each student is rich and rewarding, resulting in a heightened awareness of the relationship among all things of Creation.