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The Brewery of Broken Dreams

  • 8319 Pleasant Valley Road
    Hammondsport, NY 14840
  • (607) 224-4050

Let the intrigue and suspense of the name of The Brewery of Broken Dreams draw you toward the adventure that awaits your beer thirsty soul! You will find all of the complexities and subtleties of our beer making journey imparted with each sip, as we delve into the possibilities that are presented by the native ingredients of our region. Our ales are traditionally inspired and uniquely rendered from a combination of resources provided by our naturally abundant farm land, and the desire, knowledge, and skill of local farmers and our brewers. We hope to entice and satisfy your senses as we continue to increase our use of NYS grown ingredients.

A piece of the story behind the name… Not long after the last thwarted attempt to open our brewery, the name came to us as we feared our dream was doomed to become a nightmare! Although we tried several times to rename the brewery, it was evident that nothing else would do. It is also a testament to the beauty of dreams, that some dreams will recur until realized and that what seem to be broken pieces present unlimited possibilities that arise from an involuntary action. That action is the process of finding and connecting the pieces together in the right order. We cannot help but dream, good or bad!

Now for the loon… loons quite literally began to appear in our daily lives, so much so that we found ourselves researching the symbolism. We discovered that the loon is attributed with awakening the imagination and reminding us that we are never given a hope, wish or dream without also being given opportunities to make them reality. We continue to draw inspiration from the symbolism of the loon as a constant reminder not to compromise the pursuit of our dreams. They are masters of hunting in the depths of the water but always resurface with grace and a call that speaks to your soul.

It is the tears that make the difference.

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