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Teall's Tavern

  • 208 S Main St
    Elmira, NY 14904
  • (607) 733-8013

Our guiding motto is “Where Friends Gather” and the Teall’s Team mission is to provide a place for all Elmira residents to gather and enjoy good company, good food, good drinks, and great service.

The name Teall’s Tavern is rich in history and has a long lineage dating back to the late 1700’s when Captain Nathan Teall Opened Teall’s Tavern in what was called Newtown at the time. Legend has it in 1806 one of the Loyal patrons, Judge Emmanuel Coryell came to rename Newtown and stopped at Teall’s Tavern. Captain Teall’s daughter was at the Tavern and fell asleep in Judge Coryell’s lap. After admiring her beauty and the beauty of the surrounding country side he saw it fit to rename the town to Elmira after little Elmira Teall.

Open for lunch and dinner with great burgers, spiedies, wings, salads, wraps, and much more.

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