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Points of Inspiration Driving Trails

  • 415 E Water St
    Elmira, NY 14901

Come explore the Southern Finger Lakes on the Architecture, Scenic Views, and Sci-Tech driving trails. From breathtaking natural vistas to elegant and magnificent architecture, these trails will allow you to experience the Southern Finger Lakes like never before. Take a drive and enjoy your Southern Finger Lakes adventure!

Architecture Trail
From the famous octagonal study of Mark Twain to Romanesque Revival buildings, and intricate painted ladies to centuries old taverns, the Architecture Trail has something for everyone!

Scenic Views Trail
Naturally carved out by glaciers over 12,000 years ago, the rounded tops and jagged ridges of the hills in the Southern Finger Lakes are evidence of this glacial formation. The area's views are not to be missed!

Sci-Tech Trail
A place with a rich history and a forward looking vision, the Southern Finger Lakes continues to be home to technological leaps in transportation, material science, agricultural, and even the space-race!