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High Tor Wildlife Management Area

  • High Tor Wildlife Management Area
    Naples, NY 14512
  • (585) 226-2466

The primary purposes of High Tor Wildlife Management Area (WMA) are for wildlife management, wildlife habitat management, and wildlife-dependent recreation. This WMA consists of approximately 6,800 acres. It has numerous ecological habitats with many steep wooded hills, gullies, eroded cliffs, and wetlands. The largest part of High Tor WMA is approximately 3,700 acres just east of the Village of Naples and is primarily scenic, steep wooded terrain. It is intersected by administrative truck trails usable as foot access to the more remote sections of the area. Immediately north of this area are about 2,200 acres of lowland marsh, forested wetland, and grassland which lies between State Routes 21 and 245, bordering Canandaigua Lake and extending up West River valley. This area is drained by the famous Naples Creek. East of the southern end of Canandaigua Lake is a third part of the area known as South Hill. This portion is composed primarily of 900 acres of overgrown fields with steep wooded hillsides.

Activities include: hiking, hunting and trapping, and fishing.