CORNING, N.Y. (March 2, 2017) - To commemorate and celebrate Kristin A. Swain’s retirement from The Rockwell Museum (after 40 some years of involvement), The Rockwell Museum board and staff are pleased to announce the newly established Kristin A. Swain Student Fund, Beginning fall semester 2017, the fund will provide all Corning Community College students with free admission to The Rockwell. Throughout her 40-year affiliation with The Rockwell, Kristin A. Swain has remained steadfastly committed to ensuring that The Rockwell remains a place of learning and provider of quality education programs.  She has consistently articulated that it is a priority for her that students of all socio-economic backgrounds have an opportunity to visit The Rockwell to learn and receive inspiration from its collections.

In recent years, The Rockwell has established a strong relationship with Corning Community College through collaborative adult programming and work with High School Learning Center students. As Kristin also currently serves on the CCC Development Foundation Board, it seems a natural, meaningful tribute to establish a fund to ensure these local students have access to The Rockwell.

"The Rockwell Museum stands among Corning's most valued community treasures," said Dr. Katherine P. Douglas. "

As an educator, I see on a regular basis the critical role that exposure to the arts plays in stimulating creativity and ultimately in developing vital communities. This fund provides access to an opportunity for CCC students to immerse themselves in our nation's colorful and spirited history through art, gaining a deeper understanding of themselves and our shared human experience in the process," continues Dr. Douglas.

The staff of The Rockwell and Board of Trustees surprised Kristin with this gift at her retirement party on February 15, 2017, having all donated to set a base for the fund. The Rockwell is now seeking support from the community to recognizing Kristin’s retirement and help us fulfill her education vision by making a donation to help us establish the Kristin A. Swain Student Fund.

“This fund recognizes Kristin’s support and passion for arts and education by providing Corning Community College students FREE access to The Rockwell Museum’s collections.  This collaboration with CCC also supports Kristin’s beliefs in civic engagement, community partnerships, and a commitment to authentic educational and cultural experiences.  We couldn’t think of a better way to honor you than to gift the next generation access to the incredible museum you’ve been so instrumental in shaping,” said Deb Naylor, President of the Board of Trustees of The Rockwell Museum.

More information about donating can be found here:

The community is encouraged to contribute toward this important initiative through this year at

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