WATKINS GLEN, N.Y. (May 11, 2016) – On the second afternoon of a two-day Goodyear tire test at Watkins Glen International, NASCAR Sprint Cup Series drivers Carl Edwards, Joey Logano, and Kasey Kahne met with assembled media to offer their thoughts on the repaved road course.

Carl Edwards, No. 19 Stanley Toyota
On his first impressions of the repaved Watkins Glen International:
“The paving job is really good. All the curbing is nice, the track is taking rubber. This afternoon we’re going run some different tires and try to pick the best tire to come up here and race with. It’s fun to be here, I’m really enjoying it. I’m surprised at how well the cars move around on the new surface, I’m really excited about that. I haven’t been on all the tires, but a couple of times, I’ve gotten pretty sideways and been able to correct it easily. And sometimes with a new surface, that’s tough.”

On what he is looking for during runs yesterday and today:
“We’re trying to make sure we understand how the track is going to be different because of the paving. So we’re working on our cars, and working on our driving, but at the same time we’re trying to help Goodyear decide which tire they’re going to bring. This racetrack puts on some of the best racing in NASCAR, so we definitely don’t want to screw that up, we want to make sure we help pick the right tire.”

On how exciting the restarts are going to be in the Cheez-It™ 355:
“The restarts here are crazy. You make it through turn one, and if you’re four or five rows back, it is just total insanity going up the Esses. Now the speeds will just be higher, there will be more grip, there’s no telling what’s going to happen.”

Joey Logano, No. 22 Shell Pennzoil Ford
On his first impressions of the newly repaved Watkins Glen International:
“It’s still Watkins glen. I’m excited about that part, it’s a lot of fun. It’s the same techniques inside the car. The same things I’ve learned over the past years coming here, still work. We still fight the same things with our racecar, trying to make it work. Once we rubbered the track in yesterday morning, it’s been great ever since. I think it’s going to be a typical, awesome Watkins Glen race again when we come back here.”

On coming back and testing after breaking ground on the repaving project and his Cheez-It™ 355 win last August:
“I felt so bad after the race. They had this excavator and were like ‘We want you to dig up the race track’ …  I’m like 'No! I just figured out! I finally won here, and now you want me to tear it apart?’ But, it’s fun to come back anytime to a racetrack that you’ve won at previously. Really, one of the most special weekends of my career, being able to sweep the weekend, I hadn’t done that before and haven’t done it since. We only have a couple of opportunities a year to win at a road course, and only once here. This is a really neat race track, obviously very historic, and it’s special to have your name on the list of drivers that have won here.”

On any subtle differences he has noticed in the track during the test:
“There’s no concrete through the corners like there used to be, and the track is smoother. But the curbs are all still in the same place. Mainly, it’s less bumps. This place used to be kind of bumpy when you went through certain sections when you go from the asphalt to concrete and back to the asphalt, but now it’s pretty smooth. It’s still kind of the same Watkins Glen. The same things happen.”

Kasey Kahne, No. 5 Farmers Insurance Chevrolet
On his first impressions of the newly repaved Watkins Glen International:
“Track is great. I was making my first laps yesterday, a little unsure of how the changes would be and what the feel would be, but to me, it’s really similar to what we’ve had, just a bit smoother and a nice pave job. [The curbing] is a little more aggressive than it’s been in the past, in my opinion.”

On having the opportunity to test at Watkins Glen International ahead of August’s Cheez-It™ 355:
“It’s been a good couple of days for myself to be here, to try to figure this place out a little bit better. It’s always kind of a tough track for me, the last couple of years we’ve been around an 8th to 12th place car, somewhere in there. Much better than it used to be, but we’ve still got some used to be.”

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