Corning, NY, March 24, 2017The Rockwell Museum is pleased to announce a Corning Community College student performance scheduled for the two upcoming Urban Arts Crawls this spring, March 31 and April 28. The public is invited to stop by to meet the eternal Andy Warhol who will be roaming through The Rockwell, as well as his art which will speak for itself. Quite literally, the subjects of Warhols "Cowboys and Indians" series of silkscreens will appear in human form to speak to an Urban Arts Crawl audience. President Theodore Roosevelt, Markswoman Annie Oakley, and Movie star John Wayne will introduce themselves in their own words. This performance is an ode to these American heroes by painting a true picture of who these people truly are inside by showing the good, the bad, and the ugly.  There will be two 15-minute performances each evening during the Final Friday’s, Urban Arts Crawl in Downtown Corning, beginning at 6 p.m. and 7 p.m.

Corning Community College and The Rockwell Museum are partners in a new Student-Artist-in-Residence program that will leverage the power of applied learning.  Professor Mary Guzzy teamed up with The Rockwell Museum’s Education Department, and in particular Director of Education Gigi Alvaré, to create a course that relies heavily on experiential learning, which has been shown to improve retention of material, improve the likelihood of students persisting in their chosen field, and facilitate stronger employment rates. The 3-credit course is the first in a series of collaborations that will expand applied learning opportunities beyond traditional internships.

“It is a delight to work with such talented students and to see how the Warhol pieces in The Rockwell collection have inspired students to research historical characters and bring them to life,” says Gigi Alvare, Director of Education for The Rockwell Museum.

Joseph Davis, Corning Community College student and Presidential Scholar, is enrolled in an inaugural class taught by Mary Guzzy, a CCC Professor in the Humanities and Social Sciences, and has developed this performance piece inspired by Andy Warhol works in The Rockwell Museum collection. Davis researched, developed and wrote a short historical vignette inspired by five of the Andy Warhol silkscreens in The Rockwell collection. Davis, along with two other CCC theater students, will present at the Final Urban Arts Crawl events scheduled this year.  Other CCC theater student actors include Andrew Fish, Anita Slater, and Trevor Brown.

"The students involved in this project have taken the experience farther than I could have imagined," said Applied Learning Coordinator Jennifer Sellers. "The partnership with The Rockwell has provided the forum for meaningful and transformative learning."

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