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You've come to the right place for stunning views, mouth-watering food fresh from the farm, the best craft beverages and wine, world-renowned art, a lake like no other, fun outdoor activities, and exciting hands-on experiences! 

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The Craft Your Adventure Beverage Passport is a trail guide, complete with wayfinding and contact information for craft beverage producers throughout Corning & The Southern Finger Lakes.

Each passport also serves as your ticket to win cool swag. How? Easy. Visit the beverage producers along the trail, present this C.Y.A. passport and collect a unique stamp with each purchase. Once you have collected 10 or more different stamps, return this passport to a designated redemption site to receive your free Craft Your Adventure Beverage Trail swag.

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With 29 different stops (including breweries named the “Best” in New York State), the Craft Your Adventure trail offers craft beverage enthusiasts an abundance of flavors, styles, and experiences. The Craft Your Adventure brochure is also a special passport and your chance to earn cool swag.