DUNDEE, N.Y. (November 11, 2017) – Early Saturday morning, with the temperature getting down to approximately 22˚F, our vineyard crew of six people brought in just over 10 tons of three different ice wine grapes. Starting just before 4:00am. 3 tons of Vidal Blanc, 3.4 tons of Riesling, and 3.7 tons of Niagara, yielded , 400, 400, and 380 gallons respectively of highly concentrated juice for the use in the 2017 vintage of ice wines.

“The universe really has to be in alignment for a good ice harvest in the Finger Lakes! The temperature, timing and crop must be perfect for this to happen. Usually, we freeze hand harvested grapes to guarantee a consistent and quality product. However, in a rare year like 2017, we get a hard freeze early enough to harvest a ‘natural’ ice wine.” Steven Fulkerson

This will be Fulkerson Winery’s first “true” [frozen on the vine] ice wine since 2008. Harvesting ice grapes is a very risky proposal in the Finger Lakes mainly due to the unpredictability of weather patterns.

“We can never count on the weather cooperating for us. Normally by the time the weather is appropriate for ice wine harvest, the entire crop is on the ground, or eaten by critters! It’s rare that we can harvest a quality ice wine crop like this without tremendous risk.” Sayre Fulkerson

Founded in 1989, Fulkerson winery has thrived to become a destination for those seeking to know about the intimacies of the Finger Lakes wine growing region. From enjoying our variety of styles, or learning to make your own, Fulkerson Winery invites you to take part in the history of the Finger Lakes through a glass of wine!

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Fulkerson Winery

SENECA LAKE WINE TRAIL MEMBER The large yellow modern tasting room, built in 2005 to resemble an old barn on the family farm, and vineyards reside on the West side of Seneca Lake in Dundee, NY. Established in 1805, the Fulkerson farm has a vast and unique history that needs to be shared! In 1989, owner, Sayre Fulkerson, opened the winery to the public producing just 1,000 cases. The family farming tradition has sustained 7 generations & continues to grow! Currently the 280 acre farm has around 110 acres of grapes under cultivation, along with almost 5 acres of other U-pick fruits and vegetables that families enjoy when in season. The focus is Riesling – but here you’ll find much more to sample and grow to love. Also well-known for an extensive selection of dry reds including lesser-known varietals like Dornfelder and Lemberger alongside other traditional wines like Pinot Noir and Cabernet Franc. You will be delighted to see there’s something for every palate. The “Juicy Sweet” series and iced wines are also popular amongst the crowd and truly complete the portfolio! During the fall, typically September and October, they offer fresh pressed grape juice to home winemakers. The juice business began in 1979, and has also expanded greatly to what they are today. Over 30 varieties of grape juice are available and a new option, fresh crushed whole grapes by request. Their extensive home winemaking shop is the hub from fermentation to bottling supplies in Central New York. If you’re new to the hobby, you can take advantage of their FREE home winemaking classes Saturday at 2pm during Harvest! Recently, the Fulkerson’s have enlarged the home brewing options as well. You’ll find everything from starter kits and DIY books to malts and grains to make homemade beer. While visiting, check out their extensive gift shop where you’ll find local products, seasonal items, and wine accessories. The experience at Fulkerson Winery doesn’t stop there! Set out more time and consider taking a vineyard tour in the summer where you’ll learn more in-depth history of the farm, grape-growing, and winemaking. For those looking for an intimate and unique tasting experience, call and reserve a private tasting up in their loft where you indulge in wine flights paired with local cheese or artisan chocolates. Visit them online at www.fulkersonwinery.com or share their journey through social media. More