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Hermann J. Wiemer Vineyard estate grown and bottled wines are established from traditions of excellence and have a nationwide reputation for being exceptionally lush, crisp and well-balanced. Their passion for the vineyard, nursery and winemaking has ensured a remarkable level of quality that is reflected in their accolades and what critics often refer to as some of the finest Rieslings in America.

Award Winning Wines... Hermann’s first Riesling and Chardonnay vintages in 1979 won gold in New York competitions. Over the last thirty years, Hermann’s consistency and quality have earned him a reputation for being one the nation’s best white wine producers and a leader in Riesling.

As one of America’s oldest grape growing regions, Hermann has helped reposition the Finger Lakes as one of the premier Riesling terroirs in the world. His passion for the vineyard, nursery, and winemaking has ensured a remarkable level of quality, which is reflected in accolades, both locally and internationally.

Today the winemaking process is managed by Hermann J Wiemer’s long-term winemaker Fred Merwarth who has worked closely with Hermann as one of his winemakers for the last 8 years. Hermann is still passionately and practically involved in the life of the winery, and Fred continues faithfully executing the Hermann J. Wiemer Vineyard legacy and heritage. It is for this reason that their collaboration in the last decade has won Hermann J. Wiemer Vineyard prestigious accolades including “Winery of the Year” and “Best Wine in New York.”